Smokies – Part II

Did I mention that through the Smokies, my left foot hiked TN and the right one hikes NC? It’s true. They probably don’t even quibble over trail relocations as there isn’t a nickel of tax revenue to fight over.

Anyway rain, more rain, and cold is the story of the northern Smokies, with a “Twenty Minutes of Terror” break to so Charlie’s Bunion in the pouring rain. I wet my pants, just a little bit getting off it. And I skipped the AT between the two trail points that formed the Charlie’s Bunion loop trail.

Oh, and for fun, no cell reception on Morher’s Day all day, and I twisted my ankle, probably strained it, and have 11 more mile to go to get out if the Smokies. Whew!

On to the pics. Love the handicapped bars in the privy at close to 6000′.









~ by quilteresq on May 13, 2013.

One Response to “Smokies – Part II”

  1. Well, despite the rain, no cell receptions and worst of all your ankle, I hope you had a good Mother’s Day!! I admire your guts!

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