The good, the bad, and the ugly – the Fontana Hikton

The cleanest shelter on the trail – but the bathroom and shower weren’t.

It is the ONLY shelter with a bathroom and shower, but it was clear from the cobwebs it hadn’t been swept let alone washed in many months. The shower was icky with a bit of mildew, lots of dirt, and bugs.

OK, I was going to “zero” (miles) here, so I figured it was my turn to be a trail angel. I picked up some bathroom cleaner , Lysol, a sponge and a pack of Hamdi- wipes at the grocery store the day before. As I arrived at the shelter for my “zero” around 10:00 am, I had lots of time. Two hours later, every surface of the bathroom below the top of my head had been scrubbed with Lysol and the shower had the soap scum and mildew remover on the wall and floor as well. It was a huge improvement.

I kind of feel as though I’ve paid my “trail dues” now, even though it’s not a term I’ve ever heard. I’ve done a bit to better the trail, and that is important with the thousands of of folks who sacrifice to keep the trail passable for the hikers. Can’t say I have a great opinion of the TVA, who run the shelter and property.

The afternoon was spent greeting new arrivals, socializing, and having a generally better time in a crowd than I’ve had in a while. One more zero for truly awful weather tomorrow and it’s time to do the Smokies.


~ by quilteresq on May 4, 2013.

One Response to “The good, the bad, and the ugly – the Fontana Hikton”

  1. Your mommy would be proud of you!!

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