Smokies coming right up!

The weather for the next 48 hours is not supposed to be the best, so I’m holed up in the “Fontama Hilton” waiting for the worst to blow over. And blow seems to be the operative word for today. The winds at the shelter are probably 15-20, although 1/4 mile away over the rise at the Dam it’s pretty calm. I’ll wait until the inch or so comes through tomorrow to turn in my Smoky Mt. Park Thruhiker Pass at the other end of the dam. If you turn around because of bad weather, it’s a three day wait for a new pass. The Smokies provide the highest terrain of the hike – you’re up between 5000-6500′ or so most of the time once you get up there – it’s about 70 miles through the park with an 11 mile climb to the ridges.

Can’t wait to finish them and send a bit of my cold weather gear home.

The owner of the Hike Inn pretty much said the Smokies are easier than the last stretch, so the worst is over until NH. It remains to be seen if my left knee agrees with that assessment. It’s pretty much hurt since the descent into the NOC.

Oh the wild flowers have been amazing the last couple of dayss. My favorite was a wild iris, but the pink trillium are great too. First pics are the Fontama Hilton, then some views coming down to it and flowers. I accidentally erased a blog entry yesterday about the last couple of days hike.








~ by quilteresq on May 4, 2013.

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