Getting discouraged

A couple of very tough days. With sore knees from climbing down to the Nantahala Outdoor Center, I climbed 6 miles and 3000′ out of it yesterday and a killer climb at the end of the day today. As I was struggling up it was the idea that “man, I have to climb something called ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ after I get up THIS bear of a climb, and my water is lower than I’d like for that. In the end , that was Jacob’s ladder- a trail up a very rounded and steep peak.

So, with another short day – saw more blooming trillium today than I’ve ever seen before and maybe a baby bear, maybe something else climbing a tree.

Oh – and trail magic at the highway – water, and apple, and a cookie from some women sitting at the picnic area waiting for their birder hubbies – one couple was from NH and come down here every spring.

Also got the first good look at the Smokies while I was up high. They are indeed higher and more intimidating.






~ by quilteresq on May 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “Getting discouraged”

  1. Look what you’ve accomplished in these two days, Paula. Amazing!!

  2. Hey Paula, Jimmy and Sherry here keeping up with, you have done great and i know your proud of what youve done. Are you slack packing any now and if not then you may want to try that some more to get more miles, let us know what area your in just in case we run over to that area , and sherry may want to hike with you some. Good luck

    • Hey, Jimmy – the Hike Inn owner just said that worst is behind until NH. If the grades get a bit easier, I should be OK of my knee holds out. I’m going to stay tonight and tomorrow at Fontana to maximize knee rest and my chances of getting a view from Clingman’s Dome. Rain for a few days.


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