Trail legs – getting closer

I’m starting to feel as though I might be getting them. It isn’t a matter of hiking faster. It’s really about getting up at first light and walking longer. There is almost an hour of extra light from when I started the trail now, so I’ve been getting up as soon as it is light enough to get camp stuff done. Today I was on the trail right after 8:00. There wasn’t too much uphill today – about 2.5 miles our of nine total, so I made good time to Winding Stair Gap. The “gaps” are really the mountain passes – the high point of the road, but the low point of the trail. It can be a ways into town – today it was about 13 miles to Franklin, which is why hotel owners run shuttles for hikers. Our shuttle driver today owns two hotels in town and shuttles hikers to Walmart, the post office and the outfitters. He corralled a hiker into loaning him a guitar and entertained us with a Johnny Cash tune. Pretty good, too. Supposed to be cool the next few days with some rain coming 3 days from now. I guess my rain gear will be tested. I don’t mind hiking when it’s in the forties. It’s way warmer than when I was training this winter!


~ by quilteresq on April 25, 2013.

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