Franklin, NC

Okay I’m going to try dictating. First many thanks to Marge Hallyburton and her husband John for giving me the opportunity to drive their car back down and for actually driving to Hiawassee and taking me right back to where I got off. I think they deserve the title of trail angels extraordinaire.

I was a little bit nervous about getting back on the trail. The first day I basically hiked the hike I did when I came off the trail which was basically from the gap that I got off him to Muskrat Creek shelter it was pretty chilly too and I was a little chilly but I wasn’t cold cold. If you recall the reason I got off the trail was that there was snow and ice on the trail and the next day’s hike was taking me up over 5000 feet over Standing Indian mountain. It was almost too warm to climate the day I climbed it!

So far I’ve had pretty good weather although it is supposed to rain tonight and when I was altitude today coming down into him winding stair gap the winds were picking up from the cold front moving in but I never did get any rain. II think it’s supposed to start tonight.

So the first day’s hike was about 6 miles yesterday I hiked 12 and that included a 5000 foot mountain it was a really tough climb in the afternoon. Oh the day before that I went from muskrat Creek shelter to a gap I’ve been looking for the name of it – Beech Gap. It was about 8 miles so I basically did six, eight, twelve and then today I did 9 miles into town. I feel good but I do have a blister on one toe and a hotspot on my the same foot.

Some pics from the last few days:








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