[Ric] Amicalola Falls

After the Springer Mountain hike, we went down to Atlanta to poke around there and visit Paula’s cousin. The day after we came back, I hiked down from the Lodge to the visitor center and hiked back up along the Approach Trail which climbs 600 steps in two sections. Not surprisingly, it’s the steepest part of the whole trail.

All in all, a rather nice waterfall, certainly worthy of its own park.

View from the top of the falls.

View from the top of the falls.

Approach Trail crossing

The Approach Trail crosses the park road to the base of the falls.

Zoomed in

This is from the same spot but zoomed in.

Reflecting pond

This reflecting pond (when it’s not breezy) is visible in the first photo.

175 steps.

175 steps in the first staircase.


Me. I don’t make it into many of my photos, I’m happier on the other side of the lens.

Upper falls

At the top of the stairs the trail crosses the stream on a bridge which provides the best view of the main fall.

West Ridge Staircase

The trail joins the West Ridge Trail for a lot more steps.

Stair case

Like a M.C. Escher drawing, the stairs go seemingly ever upward.


~ by Ric Werme on April 15, 2013.

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