[Ric] Trip to Amicalola

On the last day of the drive to Amicalola Falls State Park, Paula took us to a couple places to leave supply boxes. As we got into the mountains the air temperature grew cooler, then it started to snow. Not enough to interfere with driving, but we were getting worried.

The last time I was in Georgia was the end of February to attend a climate change conference. A snowstorm forced me to spend a couple extra days in Atlanta. Springtime in Georgia is a myth.

The first crossing was at Dick’s Creek Gap on US 76 and we stopped to check out the trail and the snow:

Snowy trail crossing on US Rt 76

Snowy trail crossing on US Rt 76

Within a couple minutes of stopping, a pair of cold through hikers came by, we offered to drive them to the Blueberry Patch Hostel. We had to stop there anyway because we had a supply box to leave.

Cold through hikers

Through hikers at Dicks Creek Gap trail crossing.

We continued through Hiawassee, a town Paula has now spent a lot of time in, and up to Neels Gap, where Mountain Crossings, an outfitter located literally on the trail (it goes through a tunnel under the main floor). These folks are the first hint of civilization after crossing 4500′ Blood Mountain and people are ready to shed weight and buy lighter gear. Or this year, buy warmer gear.

Wind earlier in the day blew a tree down on to the power lines for the store, and damaged extended to breaking one or two utility poles. There were several utility trucks on the scene, but the store was running okay on a couple generators.

Mountain Crossing Outfitters

Mountain Crossing Outfitters

Inside Mountain Crossings

Inside Mountain Crossings

Mountain Crossing's shoe tree

Mountain Crossing’s shoe tree


~ by Ric Werme on April 14, 2013.

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