I finally downloaded pics from the camera

I’m pretty lazy about pics using it, apparently.    Not that many.   It’s easier to use the phone to post pics, so I only get it out for the good stuff.   Without further ado:

I tried to get a picture of the grade of the approach trail with this one.   After dong Amicalola Falls and its 600 or so steps, the hiking got a lot easier. 



Sign at the top of the falls.   I’m sure the count didn’t include the steps built into the trail.   



My best shot of the falls.   I got zero close shots of the falls because by the time I was toward the top of the 600 stairs, I was having problems with height – never got a shot of the view from the canyon out toward the mountains to the west either for the same reason.  I couldn’t do anything but concentrate on the next step. Image


Sir Packs-a-lot took us to beautiful waterfall for lunch on the first day a bit off the trail.    I couldn’t keep up with  his group the second day and let them hike on.   



Getting my tarp set up the first night at Hawk Mt.  – I still had my hammock here – not sure why I didn’t set that up and then take the pic.   The fog was part of the rain storm that came and soaked my tights.  I had to put on frozen tights the second morning – the fog got a lot thicker and colder by morning.   




March 14 – the day I slack-packed with Mile Marker / a/k/a Bunny a/k/a her new trail name Sugarbuns.  




And we met Flag Man on top of Cowrock Mt.   He was section hiking and doing trail magic to support the Warrier Hike.   



Just another view from my March 15 hike.   




No idea when this was taken, but it must have been kind of cold – do I look like hiking is a fashion sport?




Took a pic of bags up on the bear cables I think at Plumorchard Shelter. 



The cable clipped to the tree:  



And the twisted tree at Bly Gap.   Image


Hey, I get to pass it again – going to re-do the last day’s hike so I don’t miss any more of the trail.   




~ by quilteresq on April 14, 2013.

One Response to “I finally downloaded pics from the camera”

  1. There are two groups of steps by the Amicalola Falls. The first is 175 steps, then there’s a bit of a break as the trail shifts left, then the second group of 425 on the “West Ridge Staircase.”

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