The decision is pretty much made – going back – but when?

I’m basically watching the jet stream.  When it stops dipping down to the bottom of the AT, I’ll think about leaving again – probably in two or three weeks.    Folks are still saying it’s cold out there!   


~ by quilteresq on April 1, 2013.

5 Responses to “The decision is pretty much made – going back – but when?”

  1. Hey Chaos…glad to hear you’re going back out. I, too, am on hold about when I’m returning, but I WILL return, God willing. Many creative and delayed hikes this year for Class 2013 with this weather and injuries, etc. Hope to run into you again down the trail.

  2. You go girl!

  3. Arhhh! Laid low by a cold – most likely caught on the plane. I feel like walking no where! Hopefully by next week. . . .

  4. So I’m bringing the Honda to the shop today to be checked over…. have you thought about taking it down with you? The EZPass is loaded, and you’ll have my Citgo and Exxon cards to use. 😉


  5. Actually, I was going to call you. Thinking of picking up the car this weekend? Leaving middle of next week probably – it’s the cold (Ahchoo! – not the weather) that’s holding me back at this point.

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