Wrap up – for now.

I’ll download some camera pics when I get home.

Pictures from my last couple of days on the hike. The twisted tree is from Bly Gap in NC, kind of a famous tree for trail. The view from inside the tarp is from my last night on the trail. Enough said. had I continued, I’d have gone up another 1000′ to camp.

The two pics of “road,” are from the forest service road I hiked down to fetch a ride back to Hiawassee. It was scarier and steeper than any section of trail I hiked. Needless to say, the shuttle driver wouldn’t go up it. Oddly, there were power lines almost to the top and fiber optic cable was laid; to what end, who knows?

I’m still trying to come to terms with my decision to leave. I think it was the right decision for me, but I really want to do more – just not in this cold weather.

There were a few health things I haven’t talked about yet. For one, my hair started falling out by the handful, indicating that my thyroid isn’t quite up to the challenge. Maybe the stress of worrying about the cold affected that. Not sure.

And while my blood glucose monitor didn’t really work in the cold, I suspect my BG’s were all over the place. (And cooking powdered eggs on the trail was a pain!). I’m enjoying a 24 hour respite from worrying about it. Back to reality on that when I get home. I did enjoy hash browns at the local breakfast restaurant in Hiawassee several days, but otherwise did pretty well on the diet.







~ by quilteresq on March 29, 2013.

4 Responses to “Wrap up – for now.”

  1. Hey girl this is Jimmy and Sherry and we been watching for you on here, Glad to know your ok and i know your making the right decision to take care of yourself so you can enjoy more hiking later, It seems you picked the coldest spring ever in Ga to start your trip. Time is on your side and i know you will do more hiking soon. Stay safe and treasure the memories made.

  2. Too bad, but one has to do what’s best in the long term. The trail will be there for when you decide to go back.

    • Thanks so much for everything, Jimmy. It was really great to meet you. If Sherry hikes, I’ll treat her in NH. One of the great things about the trail was meeting do many good people like you two.

  3. Does this mean you are headed HOME to NH?

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