Holed up in Hiawassee

Yikes! Hiawassee is having about the same weather as NH this week in terms of temps. I decided to stay until Monday to avoid the huge rain and snow in the mountains on the way. It is five days at least to Franklin, NC, and I didn’t want to be caught in sub freezing temps with two days to get to civilization.

OTOH, the Budget Hotel is, well, budget. They do provide shampoo and soap, as well as laundry for hikers, but the linens are old, thin and tired. No blankets on the bed, and the room is either freezing or HOT. My room mate called her son to drive four hours to pick her up instead of being stuck here for the weekend. So for the moment, I am alone.

Going to finally mail my “bounce box” today. It hold my meds, spare soap, toothpaste, razor, etc. Somehow, it’s packed and I can’t seem to get it down to a reasonable size.

The hikers staying all agree we’re going stir crazy here, and frankly the Monday forecast is hardly spring-like, but I’m going then no matter what.

I’m ready to be done with Georgia.


~ by quilteresq on March 22, 2013.

5 Responses to “Holed up in Hiawassee”

  1. Hmmm, lousy linens v peeing in the woods. I think you should stay where you are! TV at least? Maybe buy a book.

  2. You guys should buy a Monopoly game or something – have tournaments.

  3. Monday, and Monday night, aren’t looking great. For Hiawassee

    Daytime: High 40F, wind 20 mph, gusting to 32, chance of snow in the morning, rain (nothing significant?) in the afternoon.

    Night: Dry, low 30, winds gradually falling to 6 mph.

    Tuesday: High 42F, wind peaking at 16 mph, gusting to 24. A chance of a little rain.

    NW winds throughout, so camping on the SE side of hills would be warmest (and get you early sun).

  4. This is a good weekend to stay put. About an inch of rain in the forecast through Sunday, mostly before dawn Sunday. Chance of a thunderstorm all day Sunday.

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