North Carolina coming right up

It looks as though I’ll cross the NC border day after tomorrow. About 10 more mile to go, but I have to go to town tomorrow for some food, then it’s about 4.5 mile to the shelter. It is truly amazing to go downhill from the trail/road junctions another 12 – 14 miles to a town. Most of the trail here runs between 2800 – 4000 + elevation, with the most common hiking elevations in the 3000 – 4000 range. I’ve done two 4000 footers, and missed the third at Blood Mt.

I’m very worried about several days of rain coming and hypothermia. It’s about 7 days to the next road crossing, so I have to tough it out. Will likely not have great cell coverage during the rain. Plan to stay at shelters as much as possible.


~ by quilteresq on March 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “North Carolina coming right up”

  1. Be careful! Love you!

  2. hi Paula! I’m a friend of Zoe’s, have been enjoying this blog, especially the peeing with a view comment. Think you’re wise to avoid the bad weather, sorry the hotel has lousy cable…see if there’s anyplace you can rent a DVD player and DVD’s and watch them, no need to hook to a tv, just put on your chest, I have no cable in El Paso (trying to save money) and that’s what I do. Maybe the library? GOod luck!

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