Hiawassee then rain

Today was a hard day on which to set out. After doing a “Nero” yesterday – a day with “near zero miles,” I had a lot of climbing to to today. It was difficult to waste a gorgeous hiking day yesterday going to town, but better safe than sorry. The Nero was because I miscalculated food and needed an extra supper or two. I’ll still be skating into the next reapply with fumes.

Anyway, today’s hike was mostly uphill – well over 3000′ of elevation gain. At mile marker 56 if you’re keeping track. I missed 17 miles skipping the area where you need a bear bag, but I did the 9 mile approach trail and already walked about a mile in Hiawassee, so I don’t feel as though I’ll be short miles in the end. Still, If I get all the way, I’d come back to do it.

We have three tarps over the front of the shelter tonight to keep out blustery, wet rain that started in earnest about the time we got here. It may be ending now, then two days of good weather – folks are talking about a lousy weekend.

Here in GA, shelters tend to be about 8 miles apart. They’ll be further apart as a rule as I go north. I’m not ready to increase mileage just yet, but I can tell it will be soon.

As I saw nothing but fog for the entire day’s hike, no great pics. I did see three bluets right on the trail – cheered me up about spring.

And we crammed 11 folks, including three kids into the shelter to escape the cold.

Oh – and I accidentally grabbed someone else’s poles from the shuttle van. They’re quite a bit nicer than mine we’re. I apologize to him five times a day at least in my head.


~ by quilteresq on March 19, 2013.

3 Responses to “Hiawassee then rain”

  1. Enjoying your posts, sounds like you’re having fun, keep up the pace!

  2. Hey girl this is Jimmy and we are back home in Tn, Glad to hear all is going well and we will keep up with you. Sherry is getting more info about doing it next yr. We went on to hot springs and did more trail magic on the way. Keep putting the miles down and good luck.

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