Saturday the 16th – Mile 50.5

Sleeping in the Blue Mt. shelter tonight – elevation 3900 approximately. Blue Mt. Tomorrow is over 4000′. Today was a gradual uphill most of the day. For a long while we were following an old road, so the trail was wide and flat as it snaked from one ravine over a rise to the next one.

Random stuff – appeared to have lost my comb at the cabin in Neels Gap. Wonder what it says about the hike when you don’t notice for two days?

After carrying way too much food for the first section, my appetite is picking up and I wonder if I’ll make it to the next food drop. I guess we’ll see.

Also snagged a shelter spot last night. It’s a bit quicker to set up, but you risk shelter mice. There are bear bagging cables at shelters, so it’s easier to do. I heard that there was a bear in the camp area around last night’s shelter, but never heard it as it was happening.

In general, without leaves on the trees, we almost always have a view of the next mountain over. If we’re on the ridge, we can see a mountain range in both directions.

More rain is predicted for Monday, so I’ll let you know how I survive.

The new sleeping bag is warm! Hooray!

I’m going to try to put up a pic or two. Not sure if I can write about each one. It will be a separate post.


~ by quilteresq on March 16, 2013.

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