The Second Day

Paula writes:

The first day ended with difficulty.  We were at the Hawk Mt. shelter, at a high elevation.  The rains came, along with the howling wind, the hoar frost, and the chills.  I barely slept.  At 2:30- am, in the midst of the maelstrom,  I had to go 100 yards to use the privy.

So, with little sleep, I got up early and started drying what I could.  The rains had quit around 6 am.  I was forced to put on wool tights that were frozen.

The day was strange.  The hills got quite a bit harder, with most of the ascents going up the lee of mt, so they made us sweat, and most of the descents on the windward side, giving us a good chill.  I was beat around four, and feared sleeping at altitude with the wind expected to continue, so I quit just above a creek crossing well short of the eight miles I hoped to get in..  Looks like I might be warm enough tonight.

Not eating well.  Also losing energy.


~ by Ric Werme on March 14, 2013.

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