Couple of new things

There are a few vendors at the kickoff party, which turned out to be a good thing. I flat out forgot to make an ultralight wallet, and as the packing progressed, I couldn’t find the cord I had purchased to hang the bear bags. The cord I did have was light weight, but prone to tangling, so I picked up some “Spectra” cord, which is more appropriate.

Another vendor was selling electronic device charging bricks that weighed just over 1/2 of the one I had. Ric suggested I swap it out and send the heavier one home with him as a spare. I thought he’s really getting into the spirit of things – saved a few ounces.

My food bag felt heavier than it did originally, so I just emptied it to check. The low carb bars I brought for snacks in the car were in there as well as the ones I had packed for lunches, so they came out.

Finally, I actually lost the ‘script for Doxycycline my doctor had written for Lyme, so my cousin wrote one out. I think I’ll send it home with Ric until I hit Virginia. Not a lot of Lyme in the south this early.

Continuing with the final pack check in between going to some talks today.

Someone else suggested an odor proof food bag, so I may pick one of those up at Mt. Crossings.


~ by quilteresq on March 10, 2013.

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