Waffle House

Ok- two days in a row eating breakfast at a chain called “The Waffle House.” What we learned today is that yesterday was not an anomaly.

Let me say that Diabetes not-with-standing, I certainly haven’t always had it. I love waffles, and can make them. You want buttermilk, sourdough, yeast, or Stonyfield Farm yogurt waffles? Blueberries? Whole wheat or combination white/whole wheat?
Don’t even mention anything other than real maple syrup- we’re from New England. And hey, I’ve been to an I-hop or two in my life, although not since I’ve been to New England except maybe on vacation.

Ok- with this background, you might imagine that we’d enjoy a Waffle House. So the first day, I had eggs scrambled with cheese – turned out to be fake American cheese. Don’t know why I expected better the second day for an omelet. I should mention both days this was the only breakfast option near the hotel we were staying.

Ric’s waffle the first day appeared to be a defrosted, previously cooked frozen cardboard waffle. He ordered grits both days, so I suppose they were OK. His eggs were undercooked both days.
Leaving the Waffle House this morning, we noticed a sign. “Video recording system in use for training, management, and investigative purposes.” So I guess they already know we won’t be going back. Yuk.


~ by quilteresq on March 6, 2013.

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