Hike Prep is winding down

With the boxes packed with just about every full meal I have, it’s time to get down to the final preparations.   Going to pick up the living room today, hit the dentist, get a haircut either today or tomorrow, and then gather everything in the proper piles, gather the things that I will be swapping out on the trail in one place (spare shoes, summer quilts, extra clothes), test what does and doesn’t fit in the backpack, and finally – weigh the whole thing.  Final clothing decisions will all be a part of that, as well as writing up written instructions for Ric with respect to the resupply boxes.    Those instructions will likely change as my hiking speed winds up being faster or slower than I expect, I use more or less food than I expect, or other factors I can’t foresee at this point, but I’m almost as prepared as I can be at this point.   Must be close to time to leave!     


~ by quilteresq on February 28, 2013.

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