Pack modification time

OK – I have winter quilts and summer quilts.   My stuff is very light for what it does, but not all of it is compact. I tried stuffing the pack yesterday with the winter quilts, and with both winter quilts inside it, there was no room for clothes!   This is a huge problem unless I hike naked – not a good idea in March, even in Georgia.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want to leave either the clothes or the food, so the only thing to do was add storage on the outside of the pack.   So, I emptied and disassembled the entire pack to add straps to the bottom, and made a stuff sack with “belt loops” to keep it in place.   It easily holds a winter quilt, freeing up valuable space inside the pack for the clothes.   I’m likely going to have to make a similar stuff sack for my winter down jacket – that will attach and go on the top under the bungie cords, but I’ll add something to attach it to the bungie cords in case it gets loose.   The straps on the bottom of the pack aren’t done yet, because I ran out of webbing, and it’s snowing today, so I can’t run off to the fabric store, but it will get done probably tomorrow or the next day.   You can see where I attached the ladder locks to the front edge.   I’ll attach the other half of the strap to the back edge when I get the webbing.   Starting to cut it close, time wise.    Image


~ by quilteresq on February 24, 2013.

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