It’s “Panic Week.”

It’s now down to 13 days before we leave for Georgia.  I decided that it’s “Panic Week” a week early.  If I panic this week, maybe I’ll be calmer next week.   Going to be a huge push to get the food packed and organized for the mail drops.  

I have massive amounts of dehydrated eggs, cheese, fruit, and some salad material for breakfasts and lunches, and individually packed meals for dinners that pretty much only require rehydrating and some short cooking to eat.   Not all are packaged into meal portions yet, and then I have to estimate (HA!) how many meals I’ll be eating between food drops and where they’re going.  Roughly, I’m estimating 8 miles per day for the first week or two, 10-12 until about the middle of Virginia, and working up to about 18 miles per day in the Atlantic states.   Whether that is reasonable or not I have no idea.  I’ll likely have ask Ric to repack some boxes while I’m gone, or buy extra food along the way.   




~ by quilteresq on February 19, 2013.

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