Typical Day these days. . . .

Well, it does vary.   At this point, I head over to Rochester (1.25 hr away) twice a week for an allergy shot.  On alternate days, I hike.   But keeping the dehydrator full is a constant challenge.  This morning it was cutting up, slicing and arranging three bunches of bananas.   When they’re ready to go in the dehydrator, they’re ready, and I knew it was close, so nothing yesterday.   Weekends are mostly spent in the sewing room finishing up the sewing projects – the largest and possibly the last one being the summer under quilt.    The baffles are getting close to done – it goes a bit faster after that.    After making FOUR quilts, I’ll be happy to finally vacuum and get the last of the down bits out of the sewing room.  

I’ve assembled some of the dinners I plan to cook on the trail, but I probably have 120 more to go – I figure if I get 10 a day done in February, I’ll be OK on that.   It’s time consuming, though.    Then I’ll likely have a marathon day or two packing the resupply boxes the last week of February, and I’ll be ready!   D-Day – the day we leave NH – is March 3.   It’s fast approaching.   


~ by quilteresq on January 29, 2013.

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