The focus of food prep is changing. . . .

I KNOW I’ll be busy in the next month, so with the temps hovering around zero for most of the day, I started my “food assembly” a bit early.  Yesterday, I assembled about 10 meals worth of pasta carbonara – it’s my favorite trail dinner, so I’m planning on making a lot of them.  So far they’re all from Dreamfields low carb pasta, but the rest of the meals will be made out of a combination of Dreamfields and regular pasta, as I’m expecting my insulin resistance to go way down about two weeks in.   Breakfast will be easier – it’s basically scrambled eggs and powdered cheese with either sausage or baco bits, so I won’t be assembling those into individual meals – there will simply be a “breakfast bag.”   Lunches will be the most difficult for me – still not positive I’ll have enough calories with Atkins snack bars, but I will be starting out with that.   That will be the easiest to supplement with regular food.   

I need to start assembling the food boxes to mail!    


~ by quilteresq on January 25, 2013.

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