Finally getting a handle on the training

Now that I have a dog sitter, I don’t feel guilty leaving for hours just for a walk – and I arranged for Ella to be sat on Tuesdays and Thursdays between now and when I leave.    I started off this week with two four mile walks – adding a mile per week per walk so in four weeks, I’ll be up to 8 mile walks.  That’s the length of the Spring approach trail, so it’s pretty much what I’m aiming for.   Of course the mountains will be more difficult, and with all that up and down, I don’t expect to get a lot more than 8 miles per day the first week.   I could train in the whites, but that would pretty much be four hours a day to commute, so it’s pretty much training on hills around home.    Almost didn’t make my four miles today, as I got up to mile 1.9, and passed a house with two loose dogs.  They appeared to want to give chase, so I turned around and crossed the street.   It all worked out – I had exactly four miles on the GPS track when I got home.  Some walking tomorrow and Saturday to total four miles, then Tuesday it will be five miles.   Training appears to be interfering with sewing and dehydrating, but it has to be done.   I have a feeling I won’t have near enough food dehydrated when i leave, but I’ll worry about that when I run out.    


~ by quilteresq on January 10, 2013.

One Response to “Finally getting a handle on the training”

  1. Just found your blog. Similar situation, kids finally out of the house or at least self-sufficient, so mom has a bit more time to herself. But working full-time plus (medical) and still trying to train is tough. On the west coast, so won’t probably get to do the AT, but can usually get some JMT in. Have a short trip coming up to hike Catalina island with my hiking club (and dragging the kids along just to get them away from the computer!), and trying to get my base weight down. Working on my first tarptent (kinda like Henry Shires) that will bring along. Am having to convert an old frame pack into something lightweight enough to take along (back issues prevent internal frame packs, unfortunately). Got a 1960’s aluminum frame and stripped it down, seems like it will work ok, trying to keep the whole pack under 2 lb is a real challenge! So will vicariously follow you on your trip! Maybe one day I’ll get to do some sections of it!

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