Doggie day care

It seems strange to think on a massive adventure such as this, one of my biggest worries is about the emotional toll on family dog, but it’s true.   The kids are now out of the house, and I’m her main person for most of the day.   This is true even though unquestionably Ric is her human.   I of course leave her for a couple of hours per day when I have errands or other things to do, but for the most part, I’ve worked at home, and she’s never been a dog home alone for long hours every day.   Now that she’s getting elderly, I really worry what such a horrible change of circumstance would do to her if I’m additionally out of her life for six months. 

So, I stressed over doggie day care.   AFTER arranging to put an ad in the local rag about it, it occurred to me to ask some friends who live only a couple of blocks from me.  They agreed to try it, and we did a dry run today.   At issue were whether or not Ella would behave around their dog and cat.  She was fine!   Hooray!    Does this dog look neglected?   No!  Let’s keep it that way.   Image


~ by quilteresq on January 8, 2013.

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