A growing pile of dehydrated food . . .

The cell phone is off to Liquipel for waterproofing, so no pics yet – perhaps I’ll edit the post when it comes back.

 At any rate, I have a growing pile of dehydrated ingredients – no meals assembled so far.   Yesterday was dehydrating 2 lbs of black beans, last night a few pineapple slices and this morning, 8 cans of diced tomatoes – bought a case at Sam’s Club.   

Other than that, I can claim I’ve done a couple of Sam’s Club sized bags of frozen corn and peas, red peppers, hummus, apples, bananas.  Lots left to do, including spaghetti sauce, some amount of chili, carrots, parsnips, celery and sweet potatoes.   Going to try dehydrating some spicy V8 to put flavor back into the tomatoes I just rinsed off, some almond milk for oatmeal, huge quantities of mushrooms and a bag of hash browns – I like hash browns – most other forms of dried potato you can buy – well, I guess you can likely buy hash browns as well, but not necessarily in small towns on the trail.   

I don’t dehydrate usually what I can buy – that includes onion, parsley, herbs, etc.   I’m going to buy packets of flavoring at the store like gravy, seasoning for Chicken a la king, pesto, etc. I’d dearly love to dehydrate enough basil for my own pesto but at winter prices, it’s ridiculous.   

I started breaking up a couple boxes of low carb pasta into individual servings for the trail last night.   Wrapped them in wax paper, which I can then use to start a fire on the trail.   I quit at 8 packets, however – I know the hike appetite and improved blood sugar will kick in at some point on the trail – the rest of my pasta packets will include both low carb pasta and high carb pasta.   

Almost every day is some project or another having to do with the trail.  The day before yesterday it was sealing neosporin and cortisol cream in straws for light weight individual doses.   We didn’t get a lot of injuries on the bike ride in 2003, so it’s hard to figure how much is enough.  Foot care stuff is separate from first aid, so I’m taking more of that.   Image


~ by quilteresq on January 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “A growing pile of dehydrated food . . .”

  1. can you share your method of sealing neosporin in straws? thanks!

    • Sure – I put the neosporin in the straw without sealing either end – then I seal the end without the neosporin using needle nose pliers to hold the straw NEXT TO the flame of a candle. The plastic just kisses the flame. I leave about 1/8″ sticking out of the side of the needle nose pliers.

      After checking that the seal is tight, I smush the neosporin all the way into the straw from the other end, wipe the unsealed end off with a kleenex to get the stuff off the edge as best I can, and use the needle nose pliers and the candle to seal the opposite end. It’s easier than it sounds – although I do have the occasional straw that doesn’t seal properly – about 1 in 15 – it gives me plenty of workable straws.

      You can also use this method to package other stuff, although aside from spices or hot sauce for backpacking meals, I haven’t thought of any.

      Oh, and don’t use your best needle nose pliers – they got a little black from the whole process.

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