The “Bounce Box”

As the hike time gets closer, I’ve started assembling the list of stuff I want in my “Bounce box”  – a box I mail to myself at major trail towns for resupply.   While it’s not a complete list yet, so far I have the following:

Spare Shampoo / cream rinse / soap / sunscreen
rubbing alcohol / cotton balls – lotion
toe nail clippers
extra first aid stuff
laundry detergent?
Pretty Feet
Spare Socks
spare line locks
The idea is to resupply what you might need in your pack from your bounce box, and mail the rest further down the trail to save weight.  While keeping your toenails short is important on the trail, you hardly need to carry the weight of the clippers with you – and while you need some soap other toiletries on the trial – not much for a four -five day hike between towns.   In reality, the bounce box may not be at every town I shop at – just the bigger ones – and Ric will be mailing me food boxes, so some of the stuff might go in the regular boxes. . . . it’s an imperfect system, and I don’t have it all figured out yet.



~ by quilteresq on December 27, 2012.

One Response to “The “Bounce Box””

  1. But when all was said and done, you did a phenomenal job putting your boxes together.

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