Haven’t posted for a while, but the pace of preparation is picking up.

Unfortunately, that has not included hiking more to get in shape.   My sewing room is back in order after a few months of having a boarder, and I’m starting to sew the last of the equipment I need.  The summer top quilt is done, and now I only have to do the summer bottom quilt to complete the sleep ensemble.   I found a place that will sew the bottom of my Hennessy Hammock together and install zippers on the side, so I’m ripping out the velcro on the bottom today.  It’s kind of nice velcro; I’m sure I’ll find a place to use it. 

I recently made a cuben fiber stuff sack for the cuben fiber tarp.  Everything, with lines attached to the tarp and the stuff sack came in at about 17 oz – pretty good, although it doesn’t include the weight of the hammock.   The summer top quilt came in around 14 oz.   The bottom quilt will be a bit less, as you can make it smaller than the winter bottom quilt. 

Still debating on whether or not I want to bring a sleep pad in case I want to sleep in the shelters. 

Because I’m a newly diagnosed diabetic, I have to take loads more protein and fat than carbs for the trail.   To accomplish this, I’ve been ordering freeze dried foods, which I never did for the 2003 bike ride.   We basically did a lot of granola breakfasts for that ride, and that is now out as an option.  So. . . . can you say SIX #10 cans of  dehydrated “egg crystals?”   And a #10 can of dehydrated cheddar.   Looks like breakfast on the trail will be about what it’s been around here for a long time – eggs & cheese, with the addition of liberal amounts of baco bits or freeze dried sausage.   Also ordering dehydrated sour cream for beef stroganoff.   

I am planning on eating carbs on the trail – mostly dried fruits, fruit leathers, and low carb pasta, a bit of wheat in the dried tabouli, and pasta with dinner – some “low carb” and some not.  If I find I don’t get enough energy from the low carb pasta, I can switch to the high carb stuff and mail the low carb stuff home for after-trail consumption.   

The food dehydrator is going a lot these days – lots more to dehydrate – mushrooms, sweet potatoes, corn, and beans among other things.   Oh – and jerky, although I won’t start dehydrating that until February  – it has a shorter shelf life.  


~ by quilteresq on December 10, 2012.

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