Time is ticking down. . . .

The summer has gone, and I’ve failed to do much hiking.  I really need to get serious about training now that the weather is more peasant for hiking.  I love to hike in September and October, and my new low carb diet knocked me down to the basement in energy for about three weeks of Sept.   Had to be done, though, the BG’s were out of control.  

Sadly all the folks I followed this year are either off the trail or have summited Katahdin, so I can’t vicariously follow anyone else’s hikes any more.  It occurs to me that next year it might be folks reading my blog.  

At any rate, I decided that the quilt I made was just TOO warm for summer.  Even so, I over-ordered down. So, this weekend, I made a summer quilt.  Headed to the yurt with both quilts tonight but I’ll see if I can get away with using the summer one.   Right now I have to spend some time getting the down more evenly distributed in it.    Now I need to make a summer-weight under quilt, and I’ll be done with those blasted things.  They aren’t remotely like making real quilts, where the design grows as you get toward the end, and you can enjoy the art.   Really drudgery – but quilts as light as I’m making cost hundreds of dollars, so sew them up I do.   


~ by quilteresq on October 7, 2012.

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