Completed Backpacking quilt

Ok then!  I’ve learned not to edit published posts!   Looks like I totally lost the last one. . .

At any rate, the first backpacking quilt is done, and while I haven’t weighed it with stuff sack, as the stuff sack still has drying sil-nylon seam sealer on it, it looks like it’s coming out right around 20 oz. and change.  With 3/4 oz per yard fabric, it worked out to about 13 oz of 800+ fill down – less than I originally thought, but the quilt is a bit smaller than most, so it should be good and warm.  Not bad weight wise, but keep in mind that I need an underquilt if I’m going to hammock in the cold weather, or a pretty darned warm sleep pad, so it’s not the entire sleep-system weight total by any stretch.

I added a couple of little tweaks – instead of sewing the foot box together, I attached two small pieces of velcro so I can either lay the quilt flat or have a foot box for sleeping.  I think this might help in the summer, as it’s a pretty warm quilt.

Footbox fastened with two small pieces of velcro for sleep mode.

Since it’s only fastened with velcro, I can also lay the quilt flat.

Completed quilt - flat.

And finally, I added a snap and some velcro so I can wear the quilt like a cape – useful for really chilly weather or for drying the quilt out while on the trail.

Snapped and fastened for cape / drying mode.


~ by quilteresq on April 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Completed Backpacking quilt”

  1. Very nice looking quilt. I like the color too. So, are both sides of the top quilt M50? Just curious as to how wispy this stuff is compared to say the M90…

    What sort of Velcro are you using, and when you say patches, it is just a few small sections? The reason I ask is because I have a TQ I got from Hammock Gear and I opted for the Velcro foot box closure. The Velcro runs full length of the foot box (can’ remember the length for certain, may 18″) but I find that it is scratchy and I can’t say I like it. I am so tempted to take a seam ripper to it and remove it and then install another snap or 2, or maybe some softer Velcro…

    I like how you made it with the cape option. Very ingenious in more ways than one…I will have to keep this in mind! I take it you just installed the appropriate side of the snaps at the top of the bag? Anyway, I like it.

    Congrats on the quilt and thanks for sharing!

    • LOL! I’m a seamstress and quilt maker with an OVERSTOCKED sewing room! The velcro was laying around – I did back it with a small piece of grosgrain ribbon on either side of the edge of the quilt – but I only sewed a couple of short (maybe 1.5″) pieces on the bottom, and about midway down the cape side. I added ONE snap – not a snap tape or anything a little higher on the cape side. That was basically because it was a smidgen lighter than the velcro. Hope that helps.

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