Of sponsors and such. . . . Emergen-C

Emergen-C logoI have a sponsor – sort of.   I contacted the makers of Emergen-C, since I drink it daily anyway.   They didn’t offer to sponsor my AT hike as it was too far in the future, but did offer to send me a boatload of Emergen-C samples anyway for hiking this summer.    And they did send me a BOATLOAD!   About 200 packets worth – enough for the summer even if I do hike 13 peaks in the Whites.   Thanks, Emergen-C!

Now I suppose I should say a few words about why I like it, and why it will be on the AT hike with me.  It’s no mystery really.   Before I was on thyroid treatment, my blood sugar was getting problematic.  Yes, I still should be watching it, but I don’t – at least as closely as I should.  The thyroid helps a lot.

Anyway, the summer we built the yurt, Gatorade was high on the list of things I was drinking out in the hot sun.   But since there was not enough exercise involved in that, it wasn’t helping my BG much.   My doctor suggested I switch to Emergen-C, since it has the electrolyte replacements without the sugar.  The vitamin C is just an extra in my mind.  So I did, and I’ve been drinking it ever since, including for hiking.   I wouldn’t switch back to Gatorade for one simple reason – WEIGHT!   All that sugar weighs a lot, even powdered.   The Emergen-C tastes pretty good, too, although I’m not as fond of all flavors – I really like raspberry and blue the best.   And given that I’ll always have to watch blood glucose, there is really no good reason to switch back to gatorade, ever.



~ by quilteresq on February 13, 2012.

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