Summer 2012 hikes and other stuff.

The sewing is coming along very slowly.   It’s difficult to sit down and work on things I won’t be using for 12 weeks or so, so I’m just taking my time.  The light is much better in the sewing room during the day, so I’ll head up there when I’m done with this post, and work on the tarp a bit.  

Meanwhile, I’ve started training with weight – I loaded my day pack with 5 lbs of STUFF and started walking Ella around the neighborhood and the local dog trails with weight.  Given the time of year, I decided that adding one lb or so per week of dog walking is a nice easy increment to add to work up to summer backpacking weights.   I’ll try to get off on walks by myself so I can increase mileage and inclines as well – that means Saturday and or Sunday hiking for a while.   

I finally sat down with my White Mountain Guide, and figured out the EXACT mountains I have to climb this summer so I can complete my 48 4000′ peaks while doing the AT in 2013.  Doing the AT in a Northbound direction means that I’ll finish up with Moriah.  And so, in no particular order, this summer I’ll be attempting:  N Twin, Liberty, W. Bond, Hancock and S. Hancock, Flume, Cabot, E. Osceola, N. and Middle Tripyramid, Passaconaway and Whiteface, and Mt. Isolation.   That still leaves plenty for the AT.  I’ve done Moosilauke, Zealand, S. Twin, Jefferson, and Pierce, so those will be repeats on the AT hike, although probably not a lot of repeat trail.  

The second most annoying one to do will be W. Bond.  I did a backpack trip in ’89 and got caught in a fierce storm (that DID include snow!) up there on Memorial day weekend, so bagging that extra peak wasn’t on the “to do” list that day. It was also the day I smashed my wrist into a few pieces heading down from the Bondcliff summit.   On the other hand, it might be nice to see a view from up there!   That’s what I’ll do – save it for a good day!      

The most annoying hike will be Passaconaway and Whiteface, since I attempted them last fall and failed.  I took the Blueberry Ledge Trail up Whiteface, only to find a 50′ or so sheer rock face at the very top with rebar hand holds removed because it was a “wilderness area.”  Since I was neither a monkey or a technical climber, I turned around.  So when I do that, I’ll likely be heading up Passaconaway, and taking the ridge from there over to Whiteface.  


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