About Paula

Ok – just the basics for now:

Age – on the right side of 60, but barely.

Married – I was the first girl impressed with his mountain bike.  Then, just to be contrary, I broke my wrist (while hiking) into multiple pieces before we got married.  You guessed it – mountain biking is something I just can’t do without pain.   But I’ve road biked from Oregon to Michigan for my 50th birthday challenge/adventure.  Ric went part way with me, as did our daughter Hannah.

Born:  Pittsburgh, PA

Grew up – lots of places in the rust belt – Pgh, Buffalo, Detroit mostly.   Can you say 9 schools in 12 years of schooling?   Despite this, I did graduate from Michigan State and law school later in life.   After almost 25 years in NH, I’m starting to feel accepted as something close to a native.

Children:  two female offspring – both in their early 20’s.  Hannah and Michelle.   Neither one is much interested in hiking.  They’re still working on their educations, although Hannah will graduate in 2012.

What else do I do?  Lawyering, sort of.   I’m winding down my practice, and will likely finally end it before I hike the AT.   I also rent a yurt on Cardigan Mountain in NH, quilt, sew, and fuss over the dog, Ella.  She’s pushing 12, and although she’s a small dog, not up to huge hikes any more.  She’s one of the few neighborhood dogs that gets almost walked every day of her life, though.  When she’s in the woods, she’s off leash, which she likes, and I like better.   She’s done a few 4000 footers in the White Mountains in her day.

Do I have other blogs?  Yes, two, although the blog on the bike trip is no longer active.

Mom’s 50th Birthday I-Don’t-Want-to-Grow-Up Bicycle Ride Across America   and

Cardigan Hideaway


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